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The Story...of the Daughter of the South


It is in the South of France that everything began. And more precisely in the typical district of Trivalle, at the foot of the Castle of Carcassonne. This is the story of this Southern girl with a heart full of sunshine who loves her region so much as she decides to go on her bike to meet producers and craftsmen.


Rich with her encounters, she opens a shop "La Fille du Midi" which first attracts a local clientele and very soon an international one.


Her icon is her bike, which hangs above her shop' s door. People from around the world are eager to photograph it when they visit.


In her shop, you can find special local items such as pasta made by farmers from Lauragais and ceramic bowls made by a local potter.

If you come to meet her in her shop, the Daughter fo the South will tell you her beautiful story and the story of her region, rich with passionate producers and products with exceptional flavors.